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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 30, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. the el portal fire has forced closure of the big oak flat entrance to yosemite, a major route for people from the bay area. the fire has burned over 3,500 acres and is 34% contained. here's more on the challenges that firefighters are facing and
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the impact on visitors. >> reporter: several helicopters and more than 800 firefighters are working to contain the el portal fire. but their battle has now taken a new turn. >> fire has been very active today, mostly along that northern edge of the fire. >> reporter: the flames are burning toward crane flat campground but the community of soresto remains under evacuation orders as a precaution and to leave room for all the firefighting resources. two families whose houses burned there on saturday got their first look at the destruction today. donations continued to pour in for both of them. >> it's a great community around here. we've seen everyone kind of step up and be really suve. >> reporter: the fire has had little impact on the rest of yosemite other than occasional periods of smoky skies. in yosemite valley families are still camping, bicycling and soaking in the sights. >> the park is 1,200 square miles and there's one or two square miles being impacted by this. >> reporter: the mariposa county
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visitors center has brought in extra staff to answer questions and redirect tourists from highway 120. many are using highway 140 instead. >> those that need emergency rooms and things, the visitor center's been so good putting hundreds of people into rooms on the new route in and we're pleased that we're set up to handle this influx. >> reporter: park officials say it's too early to tell when highway 120 will reopen. as we drove up highway 140 there was a lot of smoke in the valley and the foothills but conditions were better inside yosemite. a fast-moving fire jumped from house to house in san jose destroying two homes and damaging a third. the fire broke out this morning in an upscale neighborhood on hampshire place. video shot by a sat hoe firefighter shows billowing smoke. there was immediate concern embers would spread the flames and it did not take long. barbara stafford's house was damaged.
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she was not home at the time of the fire. >> we got a call from our alarm company that there was some glass breaking and movement in our house. so we came back to see what was the story and came back to find it in flames. nobody told us ahead of time. so seeing it with flames shooting out of the roof was pretty hard. >> 90 firefighters battled the flames for just over an hour today. 18 people are out of their homes tonight after a devastating early morning fire in oakland. one home was destroyed and another heavily damaged in the fire on melrose avenue near 46th. it began just before 4:00 this morning, middle of the night. downed power lines created added danger for firefighters forcing crews to wait for pg&e to shut off the power. the homes were so badly damaged they were both red tagged. >> look at it. there's nothing left. we lived in there, my husband and i, we started our marriage there. >> it was -- it was hard. we had to make sure everyone was out of the house. >> my dad woke me up, he said
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there was a fire, we all started running out. >> everyone inside, including eight children, did escape those homes by the time firefighters arrived. as bad as it was, very glad to tell you that no one was injured. there is urgent new concern tonight about the deadly ebola virus. two american peace corps workers in africa are in quarantine tonight, possibly exposed. here at home, anxiety creates a scare at a hospital in north carolina. abc 7 news chief medical editor dr. richard besser on the high alert all over the globe. >> reporter: the deadly ebone la outbreak causing the peace corps to pull out 340 american volunteers from guinea, liberia, and sierra leone after two were quarantined after coming in contact with an ebola victim who died. the two missionary workers stricken in liberia are showing improvement. dr. kent brantley in texas and nurse nancy in isolation. staff communicate through windows.
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doctors and nurses wearing protective suits. >> trying to recover and still feeling the effects of the virus and struggling and fighting through that right now. >> reporter: we spoke with the son tonight. >> momming reading. she's resting a lot. as much as you can. that helps her right now. but when i called the other day, there was muthic playing in the background to help with her spirit, help her worship. >> reporter: the urgent question now, will the american patients be evacuated back to the u.s. for emergency treatment? the cdc uses special isolation pods like these to transport contagious patients without exposing the crew. they're airtight and totally disposable, apart from the metal frame. air travel leading to global fears of contagion. from nigeria you can fly direct to three u.s. cities. flights carry passengers to more than 30 countries around the world. >> this is the most serious outbreak of ebola virus we've faced, a mutual high-front war against the virus.
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>> reporter: today in liberia, doctors using handheld thermometers to check passengers for fever. the french government provided 100 heat-detecting cameras. in the u.s. 20 airports are equipped with quarantine stations, responding to any passengers appearing ill, including those with symptoms of ebola. it's not spread through the air, you only get sick through close contact with body fluids like blood or touching contaminated surfaces. hospitals in the u.s. on high alert. the door to one in charlotte shuttered after a visit from a patient who had traveled to a high-risk country. it was a false alarm and the patient was discharged. a number of emergency rooms are asking every patient with fever their recent travel history. that's a got idea not just for ebola but many infectious diseases. congress voted today to sue president obama. the vote came down along party lines with every democrat voting against the lawsuit as well as five conservative republicans who prefer impeachment.
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once filed it will charge the president with delaying implementation of the affordable care act. the president today said he is ready to willing to work with congress. >> i mean, everybody right now says it's a political stunt. but it's worse than that because every vote they're taking like that means a vote they're not taking to actually help you. when they have taken 50 votes to repeal the affordable care act. that was time that could have been spent working constructively to help you on some things. >> the suit is expected to fail once it reaches the inside of a courtroom. the president advised congress to "stop being mad all the time." back in california, cleanup continues at ucla after a water main burst on sunset boulevard. it flooded the campus and it could take days before crews are able to fix this nearly 100-year-old pipe in westwood. it burst under the street
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creating a 15-foot hole and sending about 20 million gallons of water surging onto the streets. the bay area has miles of aging pipeline underground that is also at risk of breaking and abc 7 news reporter alisa harrington has more on one of our oldest pipelines that's actually leaking fresh water into the bay right now. >> reporter: the bay area has pipeline problems of its own. in 2012, a 78-year-old pipe split in daly city sending thousands of gallons of water into a neighborhood. in 2013, a water main near san francisco's wiwona street broke damaging homes. last month water rushed downhill in potrero hill. it broke during pressure testing. a spokesman for the san francisco public utilities commission says some pipelines in the bay area date to the 1920s. >> so the any sort of major shock to it could cause a separation and a break. >> reporter: utility crews are on track to repair 15 miles of aging pipeline each year. one of the biggest jobs, the bay
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tunnel project. tunnels will pump water to the peninsula and san francisco and replace this old, leaky pipe that has already dumped up to 65 million gallons of fresh water into the bay. >> it's unfortunate because you never want to have a leak, especially during a drought. but in this case we're waiting for the bigger fix to take place. >> reporter: yesterday's scene in los angeles was dramatic. water raging for three hours. there's no quick off switch. >> you can't close the valve right away because you get a water hammer effect. a water hammer effect is, you snap off the flow of water immediately, the water hits an immovable object and reverberates back through the system causing shock waves essentially to blow other connections. >> reporter: the key is to gradually decrease pressure. he would not speculate if crews here could respond faster but did say they are on standby 24 hours a day. alisa harrington, abc 97 news. the attorney representing
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raymond shrimp boy chow says the chinatown association leader may testify in his own defense. he was in federal court pleading not guilty to a new set of racketeering charges. the fbi says chow used his status as dragon head of the guinea gong tong to carry out criminal activities. chow's attorney says prosecutors are trying to pin crimes committed by others on his client. >> we've examined the charges and there's utterly, from our perspective at this time, no new evidence against our client. >> state senator leland yee will be in federal court tomorrow to face racketeering charges, accused of working with chow to solicit donations through his political campaigns in exchange for favors. a lot more to bring you this wednesday on abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up, critics say it's like playing whack a mole. the frustration over homeless encampments and why some say the homeless provide a valuable
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service. a suspected car thief goes on a joyride running into cars. what finally put an end to an obstacle course. we had a few locations today that had triple-digit heat in our inland areas and doesn't look like the heat's going away when we'd like it to. the accuweather forecast coming up. what may be the world's most dedicated mother. the octopus who took longer to hatch her eggs than any known animal. fema announcer: right now, at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. a massive oak tree has fallen in unincorporated areas of walnut creek blocking the driveway to three houses. it's a huge mess. no one seems to know who's responsible for clearing it out of the way. neighbors say the tree is about 150 years old and they noticed it leaning farther than normal earlier this morning. and now it just came down. an out-of-control driver tore through san francisco streets until a member of the fire department brought him down. police say the man stole this construction truck in the lower haight, hit cars as he drove across the city. police spotted him on 11th street. he stopped at polk and grove but got out and tried to run but was
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tackled by a member of the fire department. fortunately no one was injured in this series of crashes. a lot of damage. a homeless encampment at the albany bowl was shut down earlier this year. not before battling an illegal settlement that bought out those campers paying some of them thousands of dollars to get up and leave. now there's a new homeless camp not far away. as knick smith found out today those living nearby are not entirely happy with their new neighbors. >> albany just dumped their homeless problem on somebody else? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: nicole almaguer ra, assistant city manager. she says albany has been successful tackling a large problem with limited resources and through a settlement agreement giving some as much as $3,000 to help with transition. >> albany's payout is a misnomer. what occurred was the settlement of litigation filed against the city. >> reporter: nicole says even though some of the homeless have
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moved to neighboring communities, albany is not to blame. >> that would be a very difficult thing to connect. there's definitely an unsafe element at this point. >> reporter: this woman lives and works in this industrial section of west berkeley east of the freeway. she says she noticed the trash piles start to grow when the encampment popped up on jones near second. >> there has to be some other solution than just moving them from one homeless place to another. that's not working. >> i lost all my stuff. >> reporter: caught in the middle, guys like ohio. i met him in april. he was among the dozens evicted from the albany bulb but the city didn't have to give him a check when they told the homeless community to move. because he was not part of the legal settlement. and says transitional programs offered by the city of albany did not work for him. since then his life has been on the road, or in this case, barely off of it. not far from where it all started. >> for me, i don't care what you say.
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i got to make it happen for me, period. okay? that's what i'm going to do. >> reporter: the city of albany says their work isn't done saying they've helped 26 people find a place to live and have hired a case work tore assist others with permanent housing. two baby opossums are growing up strong thanks to the care at a san rafael wildlife rehabilitation center. video from wild care, the brother and sister were found on the side of the road in marin county. their mother had been hit and killed about i a car, unfortunately. the two babies were found alive and well in their mother's pouch. they survived somehow. the 3-month-old critters are being cared for at wild care, a rehabilitation center in san rafael. they will be fostered at the facility for a few weeks before being graduated to an outdoor facility. they're doing pretty well. cute little guys. >> they are really cute. spencer christian has been known to play possum. >> exactly are it's too hot for that right now.
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i do that in the winter when it's holder. looking at live doppler radar, mainly clear skies over the bay area. clouds have been building up and retreating along the coastline. right now we see little areas of clouds offshore. their conditions are quiet here. conditions are quiet now in the sierra. but this afternoon we had outbreaks of powerful thunderstorms with drenching downpours of rain up and down the sierra. as a matter of fact, there was a flash flood around 4:30 this afternoon in the city of chester. heavy rain produced flooding on highway 89 west of the lake. there was a flash flood warning issued in the earlier hours before the flooding actually occurred. so we can only hope that helped residents and motorists in that area. bay area, things are quiet right in and out. a partial view, partially obscured view of the skyline of san francisco. 58 right now here in san francisco. oakland 61. san jose 68. 67 gilroy. 57 in half moon bay. a nice view from our emeryville
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camera looking out westward across the bay. 61 in santa rosa. 64 napa. novato 61. 72 fairfield. 79 concord and livermore. rooftop cam looking along the embarcadero, partly cloudy, mild overnight. it will be hot inland for the next two days. but slightly cooler this weekend as temperatures start to moderate a little bit. that pattern will hold into next week. what has not held is what was tropical storm hernan. it's gone, remnants of clouds and moisture continue to flow into southern and central california to our east. not through the immediate pay area. there's an area of scattered clouds offshore. it seems to be less of a factor now than it did earlier in the afternoon. so probably won't play into our forecast at all. overnight we are forecasting low clouds and fog near the coast and locally pushing inland. it will be mild with low temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. and tomorrow it will be a mainly sunny day except for some
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coastal clouds lingering. down to the south bay warm to hot with highs ranging from 80 in santa clara to 90 san jose. 88 at redwood city and mountain view. upper 60s to 70 on the coast. downtown san francisco 71 degrees tomorrow. 69 in the sunset district. up in the north bay, highs of 88 at santa rosa. sonoma 90 at napa. east bay, oakland will top out at 78. san leandro 83. the inland east bay will sizzle, highs in the upper 90s at fairfield, antioch, livermore, and walnut creek. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. one more day of this kind of heat inland on friday. temperatures drop off a few degrees on saturday. further cooling on sunday and monday. monday the coolest day of the forecast period in our inland areas with highs reaching 90 in the warmest spots. but temperatures start to climb a couple of degrees again on tuesday and wednesday. so it looks like we're in for another warmup by mid-week next week. >> looks like it. 98 tomorrow and friday.
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news. a restraining order against a candidate running against san francisco supervisor scott wiener will remain in effect for now. a judge delayed a decision on michael petrelis' request to modify the order against him. he wants the order changed so he can appear in debates against wiener. as it stands now he must stay 150 feet away from the supervisor. wiener was granted the order after the man claimed he tried to photograph the supervisor use a urinal at city hall. if you're driving over the golden gate bridge at night be prepared for lane closures preparing for the movable median barrier. the northbound curb lane will be closed 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tonight the southbound curb lane will be closed for lane striping. starting tomorrow, southbound drivers will see the number of available lanes at the toll plaza reduced from eight to six.
9:26 pm
the closures may continue into next week when modifications to the toll plaza begin. again, all of this because of the installation coming up at the movable median barrier, something people have wanted for many years but has been controversial to prevent head-on crashes on the golden gate. another half hour of news just moments away. more outrage in the middle east. another civilian shelter hit in gaza. we're going to take you into the battle with israel forces. the unauthorized charges on your cell phone bill. it's cost americans millions, probably you. what's being done about a practice called cramming? a change of heart for
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this is abc 7 news. >> good evening again. we'll begin this half who are with a bloody day in the middle east again. at least 37 people killed in two attacks in gaza. abc news reporter terry moran is the only international reporter embedded with the israeli forces. >> reporter: today as gaza was shelled from air, sea, and ans returned fire. at a military staging area on the border. and we took cover. with the 188th armored brigade of the valleyi defense forces getting ready to go into gaza. do you have fear? do you get scare sfld. >> of course. >> reporter: we cross into gaza, gunners scanning the dusty roads and ruined buildings. several tense miles later we stop. a tunnel discovered here yesterday. deep, concrete-sided, and narrow. israelis believe it leads under the border into their country.
9:31 pm
israelis see these tunnels as an intolerable and terrifying threat. some up to 100 feet underground, stretching up to a mile and a half long, lined with concrete, outfitted with power cables, phone lines, rail tracks, used to infiltrate israel and attack outposts and neighborhoods. but today they aren't going in. >> the presumption is it's booby trap ed. there may be terrorists inside. >> reporter: suddenly, gunfire. israelis are trying to put down fire, suppressing the sniper action that is holding us here. we hunker down for several minutes. the israelis lay down a smoke screen and we use it as cover to return to the vehicle. but the horrifying death toll in gaza has shocked the world. so many lives lost. so many children. how does that affect these soldiers? >> a child is a child is a child
9:32 pm
everywhere in the world. no matter race, religion. a child is a child. so it hurts. >> reporter: but for now it's time to get pack to israel. tomorrow, the men of the 188th will do it again. terry moran, abc news, in the gaza strip. back here, a plane crashed into a san diego parking lot tonight killing one person and injuring another. the faa says the plane was practicing touch and go landings at montgomery field in san diego when it bounced. the aircraft then apparently struck the top of a target store and a light pole before crashing near a costco. it was unclear if the person who died was the pilot or passenger. a witness who suffered minor injuries helped get the women out of the wrecked aircraft and was transported to the hospital. a new report out of washington confirms something a lot of people have suspected. if you've ever studied your cell phone bill you've probably seen it. unauthorized charges with very little explanation. it's called cramming.
9:33 pm
it's costing customers hundreds of millions of dollars. abc news reporter geo benitez tonight on the wakeup call for consumers. >> reporter: your cell phone taking center stage in the nation's capital today. all because of bogus charges sneaking onto your monthly bill. >> the massive fraud we've documented in these reports happened right under the telephone company's nose. >> reporter: it's cramming. charges come from outside companies that have tricked you into subscribing into a monthly service, often after you open an unsolicited text message or enter your cell phone number online. a mysterious 9.99 charge listed as "usage charges." it's not until you go 123 pages in you'll find the detailed description. >> in many cases consumers were unaware that they had been crammed. >> reporter: it's not just cell phones. larry veto had two mysterious charges on his land line. $14.95 and $8.23 for outside
9:34 pm
voice mail services. >> how could this happen? how could somebody start charging my account, i guess similar to charging my credit card without my knowledge? >> reporter: that new report estimating as many as 20 million americans may be duped every year, but only 1 in 20 of us ever realize it. it's really up to you to find cramming charges. here's my bill. 50 pages long. and to find those charges i've got to go line by line. there are people you can hire to help too. companies like bill cutters which offer experts to analyze your bill to find those extra charges. then split any savings with you down the middle. but for now, it's up to us. geo benitez, abc news, new york. the affordable care act seems to have caught on in california. the kaiser family foundation reports 58% of previously uninsured californians have signed up for medical coverage under the nation's new health care law. the foundation says 3.4 million of these 6 million adults in
9:35 pm
california who didn't have health insurance are now signed up under obamacare. the figures are much higher than experts predicted. the famous beaver family in martinez is at it and they're good for the drought. this is new video of the beaver family provided by the group worth a dam, love that name, dedicated to maintaining the beavers beavers in alhambra creek. experts say the dams help water stay in the creek year round despite the drought and that is helping preserve fish and other wildlife. >> they're doing a restoration job for the town of martinez. they're working 24/7 and they're doing it for free. >> a beaver festival was planned for this saturday. it's taking place from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at marina vista and alhambra avenue in martinez. we have a link to the site on our site, a very special treat today for some baseball fans. the one item taken off the menu
9:36 pm
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bulldo mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. several kids were able to go to their first giants game this afternoon. that's notable because going to a game could have left them seriously ill. the reason is kids like logan sickenator suffer from peanut allergies and at&t is littered with peanut shells. to help out the giants reserved section 336 as a peanut-free zone. >> i'm just glad to be here because i've never been able to go to a giants baseball game because of my allergies.
9:40 pm
and it's really great that i can come. >> isn't it? to help out the giants let them enter at&t park through a special entrance that was washed down to get rid of peanut debris. it was absolutely clear and safe for them to be there. fun stuff. scientists at the monterey bay aquarium have figured out which animal takes the longest time to hatch its eggs and it's a long time. the deep sea octopus can guard their eggs for as long as 4 1/2 years. that is twice as long as the average life span for other octopi. the octopus goes without food during that time period. researchers found her clinging to rocks 4,600 feet below the surface of the water waiting for those eggs to hatch. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, how changing technology is forcing big changes at radio shack. shack. the effort could put a new
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tomorrow morning get the weather where you live. >> we're going to have patchy fog through the morning commute, then low clouds will pull back to the coast. >> at 6:00 don't miss michael finney. abc 7 morning news tomorrow on abc 7 and on watch abc. radio shack has fallen on hard times. the retailer's stock has been dropping for two straight days and is now at an all-time low. but there is a fix in the works. as jonathan bloom explains it starts right here in the bay area. >> this is a very powerful robot. >> reporter: a robot that might help save a corporation analyst run out of cash within a year. >> it does a ton of tricks. it goes really, really fast. when it is on display people definitely notice it. >> reporter: zero roams the front of a radio shack store. no longer the old brand you grew
9:45 pm
up with, these are startups like ruminate, the building toy for girls. we saw them two years ago in grad school at stanford. >> we were literally packing boxes ourselves to ship to our kick starter supporters and back then we were shipping a couple thousand, now we're going to be doing over 100,000 units. >> reporter: products like these could be just the ticket for a retailer that's struggled to stay relevant. what do you think of radio shack? >> not much. >> i don't think about radio shack. >> reporter: for years it was a place to buy wires. a store for people who tinker. it still is. now in a different way. >> radio shack believes in makers, entrepreneurs, and we're working with those folks to get their productions into stores. >> reporter: products you can't find in other stores. >> i can go in here and see when mom took her medication. >> reporter: san francisco-based lively is a way to check up with ageing parents or grand parents who live by themselves. >> you don't want video cameras in the home.
9:46 pm
what you want is things that blend in the background. >> reporter: they wanted a smaller store where families could pick and up play with the sensor that show when mom opened the fridge, took her pills, or went for a walk. >> having the product in stores is really helpful. it gives people a chance to interact with the product, touch it, feel it, actually use it. >> reporter: that's true for the kodak smart lens, another radio shack exclusive that's a camera upgrade for your smartphone. it's an effort to make radio shack a cool place. because now -- >> i think they're kind of a desperate place. you don't want to go online, you need them now kind of place. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan blum, abc 7 news. it's time for extreme eating awards from the center for science in must be interest, a public shaming of the restaurant's biggest calorie-laden food. top of the list is cheesecake factory's brulee french toast, 2,700 calories, 93 grams of fat,
9:47 pm
2,000 milligrams of salt, 24 teaspoons of sugar. you'd have to swim laps for seven hours to work that thing off. cheesecake factory says some people want to come in and celebrate. red robin and its hamburgers. this is the a-1 pepper corn topped with hardwood smoked bacon, melted pepper jack, and crispy onion strips. it's almost 1,700 calories not including unlimited 370 calorie servings of fries. the entire meal delivers almost two days' worth of calories. 3 1/2 days of saturated fat and 4 days of sodium. to burn this off you'll need a brisk 12-hour walk. that's more calories than spencer eats in a year. >> i can't picture food like that. that's celebrating? i don't think so. mainly clear skies over the bay area. a few clouds moving in overnight. how about today's highs. highs of 106 up at ukiah. that's pretty far north.
9:48 pm
101 here in the immediate bay area. we had numerous locations with upper 90s. a pretty hot day. a couple more hot days coming our way. tomorrow statewide triple digit readings, temperature readings at chico, sacramento, fresno, palm springs. bay area, we will see upper 90s for sure in the hottest inland locations. livermore 99. could hit 100 tomorrow. accuweather seven-day forecast. one more hot day on friday, then temperatures moderate over the weekend. we'll be in a more comfortable and seasonal range of highs sunday through wednesday. low 90s inland. low 80s around the bay. low to mid 60s around coast. >> your stomach hurt just watching that. if you are looking for a less expensive way to see the niners play at levi's stadium, this could be for you as long as you're willing to forego a seat. the team will offer standing room only tickets start is next tuesday. to be eligible you have to register at
9:49 pm
that will give you access to purchase tickets on a first come, first served basis. prices vary from 50 bucks to 75 bucks for regular season games, 25 bucks for preseason games. if they play well, you don't need a seat, you're standing and cheering anyway. >> sitting down is for the weak. right? >> this is a crutch. >> yeah, exactly. no, you know. texas stadium, cowboys stadium, they have that and it's packed. >> really? >> it's so popular. >> why not? people want to go to the game any way they can. >> yeah, go with your friends, make new friends. you know. >> sure. >> sometimes you need new friends. >> absolutely. >> when they all lost your number. >> when you're desperate for a win and you don't care about style points at all.
9:50 pm
that's where the giants are right now. the pirates basically gift wrapped a game for them this afternoon.
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
tonight at 11:00, new surveillance video of the out-of-control driver that went on a rampage in san francisco. tonight hear from the really courageous firefighter who brought him down. plus, corralled in socal. why that controversial event that recently made a stop in the bay area as we reported has been blocked in l.a. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. this sports report brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> talking giants tonight. >> giants in trouble. >> they are. >> they're not playing well. the trade deadline is tomorrow. they want to wheel and deal. here's what's going on. the dan uggla experiment may be over after only four games. the giants may release him as they try to make deals before tomorrow's trade deadline and second base is a position of need. uggla 0 for 11 with 6 strikeouts
9:54 pm
and 3 errors as a giant. afternoon delight. giants and pirates. in the third, tied 3-3. andrew sue sack. his first major league hit, first major league rbi. sandoval scores. 4-3 giants. lincecum not thrilled. jody mercer rips this fastball in the fourth, two-run blast. pittsburgh 5-4. the woman wearing that 42 shirt? look out! down goes the beer. may have skimmed her chin, i feel bad for her, and she lost the beer. sixth inning now. gene may chee walks former stewart. travis snyder was on second base and nodded off. gets tagged out. then gabby sanchez in the rundown. unbelievable double play, inning over. one gift from the pirates. here's another one. tied 5-5, pitch gets away from stewart. joe panic was heading home
9:55 pm
there. giants add another run. the mid sery's over, 7-5. a's and astros. jason hammel. talk about a guy struggling. 0-4 since being acquired from the cubs. tommy malone is going, could have been me pitching, didn't have to send me down to aaa. rbi single. 4-0 astros. robby grossman gets a room service fastball. hitting .195 in parks. hamel tagged for six runs in the first. josh donaldson trying to bring the a's back. towering home run. his 23rd of the year. that's all the a's would get. dallas kiko goes the distance. brandon moss on the grounder to end it. 8-1 astros. the angels lost as well so the a's still up by 2 of th1/2 game bank of the west classic and the star attraction serena williams in the feature match of the evening. she was tested here. serena making her first
9:56 pm
appearance since she had to withdraw from wimbledon. a match there with a virus. looked healthy. ace out wide the first her opponent, carolina miss cova, big serve. serena first set 7-5. early second set the drop volley winner. check out the leg kick ala charlie chaplin. spencer's the only one that remembers charlie chaplin. >> went to school with him, classmate, valedictorian, he was kind of quiet. match point, serena wins 7-5, 6-2, moves on to the quarterfinals. if things go as planned she could meet her sister in the semifinals. when cowboys jerry jones was first asked about a raiders move to san antonio, he thought the reporter was joking. not a joke. jones and texans owner bob mac nair would both, as well as the nfl, have to approve any relocation to texas by the raiders. mcnair was asked about the possibility, said the texas and
9:57 pm
cowboys both really value their fans in san antonio. not sure that would be the best destination for the silver and black. if mark davis is willing to push, mcnair is willing to keep an open mind. >> i wouldn't oppose it just because they're in san antonio. i'm in favor of doing what strengthens the league. where it makes sense. we need to have strong franchises. we want it to be a competitive league. to do that you've got to have strong franchises wherever they are. >> stanford and cal getting ready for the college season. the cardinal remain in the elite top ten team. cal just trying to avoid being in the bottom ten. stanford's got key seniors to replace, especially on defense. bears, they won only one game last season under their new head coach sonny dikes. only one way to go and that is up for the bears. >> you watched last year, we're a lock way from that. i think our players and people in the program believe we're probably a little closer.
9:58 pm
>> with this graduating class, the most decorated group of seniors in the history of stanford football, four straight bcs games for those guys, we've got leadership to replace. you never know where leadership comes from until it shows and up we've got a lot of budding leaders on our team. cal's going to play at levi stadium october 24th against oregon. stanford has a chance to play there if they can make the pac-12 championship game. how about san jose state? they're right down the road. have no opportunity right now to go to levi's. carragher is hoping that might change. >> as for me it's easy to say, let's get it done. but i don't do the paperwork. and i'm not involved on that end. but i would love to play in this stadium. it would be great. our fans would love to come to see a spartan football game here in levi's stadium. hopefully it can happen. >> got to get a big opponent, fill it up. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. i like the way he says that.
9:59 pm
he has people that handle that stuff. details like that. like yourself. >> oh, yeah, right. >> minions, you know, scurrying. >> yeah. the scurrying part is what i like. >> you like to see us scurrying. >> was it me that's scurrying? i can't remember. thanks very much. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. see you at 11:00. pelton: good morning, greendale.
10:00 pm
as you know, it is april fools' day. just kidding. it's the day before april fools. baba booey, baba booey, baba booey you know what, leonard? strike two. pelton [over pa]: just reminding you to keep any april fools pranks physically safe,


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